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14 movies for 14 February (Part 2)

Still conflicted over what to do this Valentine’s Day? Let’s keep it simple – staying in, chips and wine never goes wrong. Here are some movie plans to add on to our previous list of movies to binge this Valentine’s Day with bae!

When Harry Met Sally

Looking for a laugh-out-loud classic? This light-hearted romantic comedy screened in 1989, and follows Harry and Sally on their journey to answer the question: can men and women ever “just be friends”, or do feelings eventually pop up and mess things up?

From puppy love, to heartbreak, to various interpretations of love, This movie will definitely leave you in tears – both from laughter and from the heartwarming realisation of true love.

As the saying goes – it will if it is meant to be. This movie stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan as the title characters.

Crazy Rich Asians

Nothing like a little bit of Singapore pride – Crazy Rich Asians is next on our list and if you have not heard, majority of the film was filmed in Singapore and Malaysia!

Nick Young (Henry Golding) and his girlfriend Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) travel back from the United States to attend the wedding of a best friend, but Nick faces multiple obstacles when trying to introduce Rachel to his family. From the suffocating ideals of traditional asian parents, to judgement from the general public, watch and spot some stereotypical yet hilarious Asian quirks in this incredible rom-com. Mahjong fans take note – there is a scene where EVERY tile on the table symbolises something more – so keep an eye out for that scene! Cuddle up and get set –

this movie will take you on a crazy rollercoaster

ride of emotions.

Always Be My Maybe

We only want you to feel good vibes and fill your relationships with laughter – so here’s another feel-good rom-com for you to enjoy.

“Always be my maybe” follows two childhood friends in San Francisco, growing up, developing feelings but eventually losing contact. Sasha and Marcus take massively different lives in their adulthood, but eventually chances upon one another, eventually heading out for a double date with their love interests at the time. While Keanue Reeves makes a surprise appearance here, the night descends into a hilarious bout of chaos. Do the childhood friends overcome the challenges that adulthood brings, and do they dare to pursue their dreams of being

truly greater than they can really be?

Featuring the beloved Ali Wong as Randall Park,

this show will definitely set your bae’s heart aflutter.

A Star Is Born

Speaking of chasing dreams – here’s one that truly encapsulates what it is like to chase that dream of fame and fortune.

Chancing upon one another through their love for performing, Jack , a singer, tries to convince Ally, a waitress, to go on tour with him and pursue her own music career. Eventually agreeing to it, Ally realises that Jack is actually fighting alcohol and drug addiction. While Ally’s career takes off, a self-loathing Jack struggles with his decline in popularity. Will their differences tear them apart, or will these obstacles further test and strengthen their relationship? Starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, this is definitely a tear-jerker

Crazy Stupid Love

Crazy Stupid Love follows Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) after his divorce with his wife. He moves out and frequents a bar to try and meet new women but is not successful till he meets Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling) who is a womanizer. However, the confidence that Cal gains during this time ends up landing him in hot soup when one of those women end up being his wife’s friend.

However, his confidence does bring him both opportunities and obstacles, as he tries to pick up the pieces of his divorce and help his new best friend Jacob on his road to becoming a better man. What will become of these two men? You’ll only know when you see Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling pair up in this hilarious spectacle of

a show.

The Wedding Singer

Adam Sandler steals the show in this 1998 rom-com, right beside heartthrob Drew Barrymore.

Adam Sandler acts as Robbie Hart, a wedding singer left at the altar by his fiance. Julia, played by Drew Barrymore, was promised to have Robbie as her wedding singer but slowly takes a liking to his dreams of being a rockstar. As their feelings for one another slowly deepen, their lives get madly intertwined and eventually lands them in Las Vegas.

Two curious lovers who have fallen out of their own marriage, trying to salvage their new relationship. Wow. This can only end badly. Check this movie – which was deemed as “Adam Sandler’s best

comedic performance” on Vday!

Lady and the Tramp

Bringing back an old classic for a good cause – I mean, how can you go wrong with adorable little doggos? Disney always delivers – and this 1955 classic truly brings back some amazing memories. Lady, a cocker spaniel, is slowly being treated coldly as her owners are having a baby. She runs off on her own and meets Tramp, together with her friends Jock and Trusty. Amongst running off with her newfound friends and facing trouble from cats, animal control and rats, Lady and Tramp slowly forge a life together – but at what cost?

Will the friendships they forge last them a lifetime? Or is the saying true - “when a baby moves in, a dog moves out?”

Catch this heartwarming story of our favourite

little furry friends with your special someone on your special day!

These movies are truly worth staying home for – and what better day to do so than on Valentine’s Day? Binge them all in one night? Challenge accepted.

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