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5 new gift experiences for Mother’s Day

If you’re tired of the same Mother’s Day trinity of flowers-dinner-spa, then mom also probably is! Here are five new Mother’s Day experiences you can gift your Number One lady.

Wine boxes

Pictures by Pop Up Wine

If mom has never been treated to a glass, now’s a great time as any for a masterclass. Pop Up Wine has a huge range of beautiful wines, from white, red, rosé, and champagne, to budget wines and even whisky. You can even search by regions! Order early enough, and they can do same day deliveries. Perfect for an old school movie night in with mommy!

Terrarium Home Kit

Pictures by Crafts For Green

If mommy is crafty (the hands-on kind, not the foxy kind!), consider a terrarium home kit. Local green thumbs Crafts For Green offers a variety of workshops to build beautifully housed terrariums. Aside from private workshops for friends, they also conduct workshops for teambuilding and kids. Buy mommy a DIY terrarium home kit, or band with the kids of her friends to organise and book a private workshop for mom and her girlfriends.

Create your own perfume

Picture by Maison 21G

It’s easy to pop into Tang’s or Isetan to grab a bottle of mommy’s favourite scent. It’s also been done to death. Take it a step further and let mom create her own scent! Maison 21G aims to be the first collaborative perfumery house that allows customers to express themselves through scent. Get mom a scent discovery box, comprising 34 2.5ml mini scents that she can mix and match to create a signature scent!

Redesign a favourite room

Picture by Houzz

A fun project for mom! Houzz is a search engine listing for those of us looking for more flexibility in our renovation endeavours, and is perfect for when you want a dedicated interior designer to build you a blueprint that you can then take to contractors and suppliers. On Houzz, you can search by ID, architect, contractor, showrooms and suppliers. For mom, find an ID with a portfolio that suits her taste, and get them together for a fun afternoon of collaborating on mom’s dream room. Don’t forget to give them parameters though! For example, only IKEA items, or a budget of not more than $XXX.

Custom portraits

Pictures by Craft Room

It doesn’t get more personal than a thoughtful commission. Craft Room provides a variety of custom portraits over a variety of mediums, such as snow globes, art cards, papercuts, digital, mugs, even pins! All they need is a ten-day lead time.

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