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A day with artiste, Michelle Wong

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Ever wondered what an artiste does when they’re not on set? Lyfeportal’s writer followed the talented and pretty artiste/ actress, Michelle Wong around for a day (thank you, Michelle!). The highlight of the day was definitely the Prada event! Read on to find out more.

We started the day at The Changing Point (TCP) media group’s office. Michelle, an artiste with TCP, came to the office to check what new packages she’s received. Here’s Michelle rocking a new outfit from Uniqlo.

After opening her new packages, Michelle and I then headed off to her salon to style her hair for the Prada event. Take a guess how long hair-styling takes, you’ll be surprised.

Many of us may assume it doesn’t take much time to style hair if there’s no fancy hairdo involved. In fact, styling takes around 2 hours (subjective to different hairstylists). Today’s simple and elegant styling took around 1.5 hours. Now I can finally understand how partners or friends feel waiting for the other person.

Curious to know what artistes eat? This was Michelle’s lunch/snack for the day - an iced hazelnut latte and a toasted bagel from Starbucks (nope, we’re not brand plugging!).

We finally went to Prada’s new Paradoxe fragrance event at Orchard Paragon!

Prada S.P.A is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1913 by Mario Prada in Milan. Paradoxe, their new feminine fragrance, is an invitation to explore and express the multi-dimensions of women. The celebration of being never the same, always yourself.

Image by Prada

Emma Watson is the official face of the campaign and director of the short film about the product. Prada is seeking to be a more sustainable luxury brand and Emma Watson is an environmentalist, resulting in the Paradoxe being one of the few refillable luxury fragrances.

View the Paradoxe commercial and behind-the-scenes here

Image by Prada Beauty

You can purchase a 100ml refill and the interesting part is that you could refill it all on your own, there is no need to bring it down to their store. It was also my first time seeing such a special shape for a perfume bottle. The glass bottle is shaped in Prada’s iconic triangular logo and is made to last.

Most importantly, the scent smells so good! A floral ambery fragrance that is soft and not too sweet. From now till 21 Oct 2022, head down to the Prada Paradoxe pop-up at Paragon Atrium to receive a complimentary leather tag with your purchase.

Photo credit: Bamvisuals

It was truly fun while it lasted, and I had a great time following Michelle around for a day!

P.S. Our writer certainly learnt a thing or two about luxury brands, and how ‘easy’ it appears for artistes to look good for events.

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