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About Us

Image by Helena Lopes
Image by Richard Hoang


Lyfeportal is a brand new digital lifestyle platform founded in 2022.


At Lyfeportal, we believe that the wonderful things in life should be shared and enjoyed together, and so we strive to bring you the scoop on the latest and greatest events, products, and experiences around town. 


With articles and features covering a wide range of topics - from beauty, entertainment, food, gaming, tech to travel; and inspiring interviews with not just industry leaders, but also the unsung heroes amongst us, there's something for everyone here at Lyfeportal.


Lyfeportal is brought to you by a curious collection of contributors of different ages and backgrounds, so rest assured: you will find a voice and perspective that resonates with you. 


Come along as we explore this wonderful adventure of life together!


We’d love to connect with you – whether you have feedback, a recommendation, or simply an encouragement – leave a comment, or write to us!


If you’d like to collaborate with us on a feature, do drop us an email at

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