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Italian-inspired low-carb, low cal beer rewards you to burn calories

Photo by @comoberesg

Como Bere, Italian-inspired low carb, low calorie beer launches ‘Appreciate The Burn’, a stay-fit-with-purpose lifestyle campaign to encourage more people to get active with any form of workout, and reward themselves with a ‘fine lean beer’ when their fitness target is achieved.

Photo by @comoberesg

The steps to getting yourself rewarded include:

· Burn 2,000 calories within the month (15 Sep – 15 Oct 2022)

· Share the results via any fitness app through WhatsApp to +65 87613386

· Receive a voucher by mail, and redeem a pint or bottle of Como Bere at any participating outlets

Photo by @comoberesg

Lest you’re curious about the contents and appeal of Como Bere beer, here goes:

· 99% sugar free

· 110 calories per bottle

· 50% less carbs than regular beer

Full flavour taste profile - crisp, refreshing with a light citrusy undertone

Photo by @comoberesg

The beer brand has also a curated Spotify playlist with tunes categorized under Fun/Party, Workout, Workspace, Nature and Chill Out - simply search ‘Como Bere’ on Spotify.

For more details, visit:

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