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Izakaya with a view

The Japanese word Izakaya literally means stay-drink-place - that is to grab a drink, settle in and get comfortable. Yabai Izakaya located at Boat Quay not only has Oishii food but also a stunning river view! Enjoy Japanese cuisine made from the freshest ingredients while relishing the relaxed and calming dusk of the Singapore river.

Photo from Yabai Izakaya

Sashimi Moriawase (5 kinds)

Everything is sooo fresh! We love the thick-cut slices of sashimi and the texture is genuinely amazing. The prawns and scallops are sweet and juicy. Seriously one of the best we’ve had in Singapore. Pair the sashimi with the freshly grated wasabi and every bite is simply out of this world. However, do note that the sashimi choices are seasonal, so the sashimi variety may be different during your visit. Definitely worth a try if you’re a sashimi/seafood lover!

Price: $58

Fugu Mirin Boshi (Dried Pufferfish), Ehire (Stingray Fin), Tatami Iwashi (Dried Shirasu sheet)

We got to try a portion of each of the three dishes on a mixed platter. It was our writer’s first time trying pufferfish and she said: it does have a very uniquely subtle taste! The chewy texture reminds her of Bakkwa (Hahaha!), but except it wasn’t oily at all. The stingray fin reminds her of cuttlefish but without the strong squid taste. Dried shirasu (baby anchovies) is thin, crunchy and has a slightly sweet and salty taste. These are all great bar bites to snack on with alcohol.

Price: Ehire ($14.50), Tatami Iwashi ($12.50), Fugu Mirin Boshi ($14.50)

Japanese Oyster with Ponzu Dressing

We’re usually not huge fans of oysters, especially raw ones, but was really tempted to try one because it looks so fresh and everyone seems to really enjoy oysters. Safe to say we really didn't regret trying them. The oyster tastes so fresh and smooth, it literally glides down your throat. The ponzu dressing elevates the fresh taste of the oyster, truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Price: $6.80 per piece (min.order 2 pieces)

Salmon Aburi Mentai

Our writer is a huge fan of Salmon Maki and Mentaiko sauce so this was a must-order for her. The maki was flavourful and most importantly, the salmon was fresh. Simple goodness!

Price: $18

Kushiyaki Assorted Platter

We tried a variety of their Kushiyaki, and our favourite was the enoki maki! They were generally all juicy and tender, and it was also surprisingly not too salty. It might be a little pricey to order a lot of these, so we recommend only ordering what you really want to try.

Price: Ranges from $2.50 to $15

Surume Ika Shogayaki (Japanese Grilled Squid)

The grilled squid was decently chewy and springy but still easy to eat. The dressing goes great with the squid and made it even more flavoursome.

Price: $20

Hiyashi Udon

Hands down one of the best udon we’ve had. The udon noodles are al-dente, chewy and QQ, very different from the noodles you usually get. All the ingredients complement one another and the whole dish goes really well together. If you prefer fancier ingredients, there are other choices like Tempura and even Wagyu. A must-try, umai!

Price: $9

Sasa Shigure

A frozen mochi with sesame paste filling. It was our first time trying such a dessert. Since it was frozen, it felt like we were eating ice cream, but at the same time, it was also chewy as it is a mochi. The sesame paste wasn’t too sweet. A great refreshing and chilled dessert after a scrumptious meal!

Price: $8

Overall, this is a great hang-out spot to catch up with friends while enjoying delectable food made from the freshest ingredients. Our writer tried a lot of new dishes she’d never tried in her life, and she said: she did not regret any of them at all. If you’re feeling adventurous, try something unique when you’re here!

Every Wednesday is their Ladies' Night. Enjoy free-flow Sake, Beer and Highball! Goes best with their Japanese light bites.

Yabai Izakaya

Address: 57 Boat Quay, Singapore 049846

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 12-2.30 pm, 5.30-11 pm

Check out their menu and more!

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