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Local multi-award winning health supplement brand Holistic Way welcomes Yixin & Zong Zijie

The two artistes were given rousing welcome by guests at the appointment ceremony on 9 June hosted by leading homegrown health food importer and wholesaler, and Holistic Way’s parent company, JR Life Sciences. Alongside Golden Horse Award best actress winner Yeo Yann Yann, Yixin and Zong Zijie are the newly-minted Holistic Way brand ambassadors.

Pictures by Holistic Way

Chen Yixin, 22, who goes by the mononym Yixin, made her acting debut at 11 years old, and has since appeared on both big and small screens. An artiste and growing social media personality, she has collaborated with notable brands.

Pictures by Holistic Way

Mediacorp Star Award 2018 Best Newcomer Nominee Zong Zijie, 26, made his acting debut at 13 years old. Well-versed in the martial arts, he continues to grow his body of work in local productions.

Pictures by Holistic Way

Addressing the guests, JR Life Sciences Founder and CEO Ricky Ong said, “As we gradually normalise our lives during this time, we realise that many people are increasingly aware of the importance of leading a healthy and balanced life, and this bodes well for different age groups and needs.”

“With Yixin and Zijie, and their belief in healthy and holistic living, and together with Yann Yann, we would like to further bring forth the message to more young consumers – to achieve the right healthy balance with trusted Holistic Way health supplements, despite our busy work-life schedules,” said Ong.

Pictures by Holistic Way

Yixin commented, “The recent years have really taught me the true weight behind “health is wealth”. To have the opportunity to advocate on health and wellness with Holistic Way is truly an honour because I’ve always been a firm believer of treating my body as a temple. You take care and give back to your body just as much as it has served you.”

“I am so honoured and happy to be part of the Holistic Way family,” Zong said at the ceremony. “Achieving physical and mental wellness has always been my priority. I just can’t wait to kickstart this journey with Holistic Way!”

Yeo took time off her busy filming schedule in the US to welcome her fellow colleagues: “I wish to extend the warmest welcome to Yixin and Zijie to the happy Holistic Way family! I am truly excited to be spreading positive vibes and messages to more people with them.”

Pictures by Holistic Way

As ambassadors, Yeo, Yixin and Zong will front Holistic Way products in various media and content, and champion healthy and balanced living through Holistic Way’s comprehensive suite of multi-award winning health supplements.

At the ceremony, Yixin and Zong formalise their partnership with Ong (on pen and paper). The new ambassadors then met and greeted their fans from amongst the guests, took a tour of the premises, and were introduced to JR Life Sciences’ full suite of multi-award winning health supplement products.

Pictures by Holistic Way

Established since 2007, JR Life Sciences’ range of products has won numerous awards and reaches consumers in Singapore as well as overseas. JR Life Sciences products, including Holistic Way and JR Life Sciences brands, are available in pharmacies, personal care stores, departmental stores, and online –

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