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Looking for ways to earn passive income? Try paid survey applications

Interested to earn quick cash on the go? (no, this is not a scam!) Download these paid survey applications to maximise your free time! Perfect when commuting especially on long journeys.


Number 1 on the list is definitely Milieu! It has a user-friendly interface with new surveys almost every day. There are also many different ways to cash out, even via PayNow.

Essentially, 10,500 points are around $10 depending on which method you use to redeem your points. For example, a $10 GrabFood voucher and $10 cash (via PayNow) will cost 10,500 points but a $20 food pack for orphaned puppies and kittens cost 17,000 points and $20 cash (via PayNow) cost 18,500 points.

Each poll and survey reward with you around 20 points and 50 to 150 points respectively. The number of points varies for each poll and survey, and it largely depends on how long it takes to complete one.

If you maintain a weekly streak, you will be rewarded with more points when completing surveys. Thus, it is a great motivation to stay consistent.

What we love about the app

● All multiple-choice questions

● Interesting and fun polls and surveys

● Many ways to redeem your points

● User-friendly interface, extremely easy to use

● Some polls have a “read more” section, a great way to learn fun facts

● Loading page has fun facts about Singapore

● Aesthetically pleasing platform

● Do charity with your points

● Rewarding referral system

What we think can be improved

● This is not really an improvement but we hope to see more surveys and polls!

● Nothing else, we loveee the app.


ApiaryBuzz has new surveys and polls frequently. They have fewer ways to redeem your points but the methods are still very convenient. 2,000 Honeydrops (points on this app) can redeem a $20 7-Eleven, Guardian, Cold Storage voucher or Cash (via PayNow).

Each poll and survey give you one and around 20 Honeydrops respectively.

What we love about the app

● Multiple ways to redeem points

● Interesting and fun polls and surveys

● Sign up easily using SingPass

● Rewarding referral system

What we think can be improved

● Have an ‘other’ option for open-ended questions instead of making it mandatory

● The phrasing of questions and answers is quite confusing sometimes

● Shorten the length of some questions and answers

● User interface can be improved

● The loading page may take a while sometimes

● Support dark mode on Apple


We decided to try more apps in the market and came across YouGov. So far, the interface seems pretty good. They only offer surveys, so no polls. The number of ways to redeem your points is limited as you can only cash out via PayPal or donate to UNICEF.

It takes 5,000 points to cash out $25 via PayPal or to fund an eight-week treatment package of emergency nutrients for 1 malnourished child through UNICEF. They also have a higher point-range for surveys. For example, a shorter two-minute survey rewards you with 50 points while a longer 12-minute survey gives you 240 points.

Possibly due to our demographics (young writers!), we’ve been getting fewer surveys so our experience may not be the most accurate. There might be more surveys available for you depending on different individuals.

What we love about the app

● Simple and user-friendly interface

● Multiple-choice questions

● Option to do charity with points

What we think can be improved

● Have more ways to redeem points

● Application crashes from time to time

● More surveys!


Another application we decided to try is SurveyOn. However, the only way to redeem your points is via PayPal. They source from different platforms for their surveys so the chances of getting new surveys are higher. You can also be rewarded by answering and creating polls!

I love that you can create your own polls and also participate in polls created by others. There is a whole community for these Quickpolls and you can even comment below the poll.

You need a minimum of 20,000 points to qualify for redemption but it's unclear how many points equate to how much money. The points are exchanged in USD and how much you receive depends on the currency and exchange rate.

Quickpolls give you one point (double points on the 2nd,12th and 22nd of every month) and up to three points a day. There is a wide range of points given for surveys. For instance, 100 points for a short survey and 8,000 points for a 12-minute survey.

What we love about the app

● Mostly multiple-choice questions

● Surveys from various sources = more surveys!

● Community for polls

● Create your own polls and participate in others

What we think can be improved

● Definitely prefer having more ways to redeem points

● May need some time to get the hang of the user interface

● Some surveys need to be done on a PC or laptop

● Loading takes some time

Overall, we would recommend Milieu if you’re only looking for one application to use regularly. The other applications are great when you have more free time and run out of new surveys. The more the merrier we say – after all, it is about making every minute count and your time worth more money!

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