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Lyfe with Covid

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Lyfeportal caught up with a colleague (online) who very recently came down with Covid-19. He gave us the low- and highlights.

1. How did you know you contracted Covid-19?

I felt unwell - my throat was scratchy and nose a tad runny. I knew something was wrong. I tested negative in the morning but positive when I tested again in the evening on the same day.

2. What were the obvious tell-tale signs?

I think sore throat is one main indicator and a runny nose.

3. How did you think you caught the virus?

It’s likely a meeting I attended. One of the attendees reported Covid-positive the next morning. As his mask was down most of the time (gasp!), so I reckon that’s the closest contact I had especially in an enclosed space.

4. What were the immediate steps you took?

I registered to have a supervised ART via HPB’s website so that my status is recorded in the ‘system’. It is very easy - just input your personal particulars and select the desired location of the ART centre or clinic as well as date and time.

At the chosen date/time (for me, it was the next morning), head down to the centre or clinic, and within minutes the ART is completed. You don’t have to wait for results as they will send you an SMS to confirm your test status as well as link to a close contact form that you can fill in.

You will also be provided in the SMS with links to telemedicine and also locations of vending machines where you can collect additional self-test ART kits.

5. How would you describe the Covid-19 experience?

It’s definitely not one that you would have experienced previously as the sore throat is way more persistent than usual.

I experienced the so-called ‘mild symptoms’, so I reckon mine is Omicron but… the lethargy is real, especially in the first few days.

6. Was there any loss of smell or taste?

Not at all. I can still taste the spicy food I love. I can also smell my sxxt after visiting the bathroom.

7. What did you do? Any good advice?

I took flu tablets and medicine for sore throat. Thankfully I have these at home as I bought them from the pharmacy previously. I also took the much-talked-about ‘Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang’ - this is TCM in capsules. You take 4 capsules each time, 3 times a day.

My advice: stock up on cold, flu, cough, fever and sore throat meds in your first aid kit/ drawer. These will definitely come in very handy, and you save money on telemedicine!

8. Where can one get the ‘Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang’?

Many places have sold out. The last I heard, my friends spotted them at Isetan pharmacy. You can try there.

9. Have you tested negative?

This is my fourth day and I am still positive. But I feel so much better now. Thanks to the meds, rest and water. Counting down to a negative ART result.

10. Any famous last words?

Covid-19 is almost everywhere now. If you can, have meds on standby, so that you medicate the minute you feel unwell or test positive. Register for an official ART if you want to avoid the crowd at a clinic just to see a doctor. Also, don’t be too complacent, you can re-contract Covid-19 again (and again?). Always sanitise your hands and wear your mask so that you avoid spreading the virus!

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