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More than a fresh, pretty face: K-pop star Tasha Low revealed

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Images courtesy of Tasha Low

Since her feature film debut in Diam Diam Era, Tasha Low has snagged two brand endorsements, taken up lead roles in local Chinese dramas, appeared in magazines, and continues to be the much sought after ‘fresh face’ in the local entertainment and social media space. Lyfeportal speaks to the K-pop star to learn more about the K- and K-pop culture, including how to attract the Korean man you fancy!

Images courtesy of Tasha Low

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, (10 being extremely difficult) how tough was the ‘K-pop’ training in Korea? And why so?

It is quite impossible to use a number (as a gauge) to define my experience as I was there for 8 long years. At first, it was really tough to adapt to a brand new environment, culture and many more, but as time went by, I accepted my journey and training gradually became a part of my life.

2. If you were not an artiste today, what would you be doing?

I would have been a chef! I actually have an interest in cooking!

3. Oh wow! What are your specialty dishes?

I can make pretty good Korean Food, Hearty Soups and bake cookies!

4. What’s the best and fastest way to pick up the Korean language?

To live in Korea, to immerse yourself in that country, language and culture!

5. What’s your advice to our readers on how to snag a Korean guy?

Just call the OPPA in a cute voice (haha)!

6. Do you have an unknown hidden talent? Let us in on that please. :)

I actually play computer games quite well. The world may know me as Tasha, the actress, singer, idol etc; but I am quite a gamer too!

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