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Pride month with that Eric boy

Who better to speak to us during #PrideMonth than @thatEricBoy? Lyfeportal caught up with Eric Lim on everything and anything ‘pride’ - no holds barred (but no pun intended). Whether you are LGBTQ or not, Eric’s sense of humour and antics are sure to catch our attention. Presenting the one and only that Eric boy.

Pictures by Eric Lim

When did you first discover and realise your sexuality? Was there a particular incident?

I knew I was gay since 15 years old. There was one guy named Wei Hong from my then church cell group whom I couldn’t stop thinking of. Eventually I confessed to him and he ghosted me.

How would you identify yourself - he, him, she, her, they…?

My pronouns are HIM/HE.

Pictures by Eric Lim

As a part of the LGBTQ community, what are you happiest and most disappointed with?

I’m happy that we still have existing gay bars for queer individuals like us to get together. I am slightly disappointed when our own people judge our own people for maybe being too feminine or sissy. It’s 2022 - just be yourself.

Which country or city do you think is best for LGBTQ to live in?

Definitely Taiwan, Japan and Sydney.

Pictures by Eric Lim

If you could turn back time and were given a choice, would you choose to be gay?

Honestly, nope. It’s tough being gay. You need to work harder to prove to not only yourself but your straight peers that you are just as capable as them, and it gets VERY LONELY. So your mind has to be much stronger than the straight people.

As a gay person, what would you say are some of the best lessons you have learnt?

Be a fucking bitch. Don’t let any motherfucker tell you what you can/ cannot do. Just focus on earning money and taking care of our parents (whether or not they accept you as queer, they are the ones that gave birth/ life to you).

Pictures by Eric Lim

How do you think drag has changed over the years?

Drag has become more accepting in our community. We are not the cool kids back then but now thanks to RuPaul Drag Race, gays are starting to explore their creative side. It’s really all about playing dress up. Don’t take yourself too seriously - at the end of the day nobody cares. Just have fun.

What advice would you give to younger LGBTQ?

Work hard. Save up your money and buy a (HDB) house when you’re 35. Stop watching all the unrealistic BL series.

Pictures by Eric Lim

We know you are a social media hustler, is there any special skill or skills that you have unbeknown to many?

I like to backstab people behind their backs. Please don’t tell anyone.

What are your famous last words?


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