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Tea-licious Jia Jia

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

We have some tea-licious news to share with you! A childhood favourite Singaporean brand - Jia Jia Herbal Tea, or better known as Jia Jia Liang Teh, is having its first ever pop-up event, #JiaJiaOnTheGo, happening from 6 August – 8 August at the outdoor front plaza, level one of Plaza Singapura. This event will showcase a seven-metre tall Jia Jia Herbal Tea PET bottle installation which will be available to public from 4 August – 10 August, as well as a café fitted VW Kombi Van, selling Jia Jia infused food and drinks!

7-metre tall Jia Jia Herbal Tea new 500ml PET bottle structure

#JiaJiaOnTheGo is to celebrate the launch of its new 500ml PET bottle from 1 August. Consumers can now enjoy the same 100% home-brewed herbal goodness for convenient, on-the-go consumption and enjoyment with the launch of its 500ml PET bottles, in the two classic flavors; Jia Jia Heritage ‘Original’ and Jia Jia Heritage ‘Zero Sugar’ variants. Now, we get to enjoy Uncle Jia Jia’ favourite herbal tea in bigger servings.

Jia Jia Herbal tea with their new 500ml new PET bottles in the two variants

Uncle Jia Jia is inviting all to share the joy in this nostalgic experience, through interactive showcases, captivating live performances, and specially curated herbal collaborations like ‘Angmoh Liang Teh’, with local brands at Café Jia Jia. Expect to find mouth-watering Jia Jia infused desserts, delish Jia Jia inspired mocktails at the event!

Café Jia Jia with their specially curated mocktails.

Come down and have a chance to win prizes worth more than $10,000 and last but not the least…everybody in attendance gets to redeem limited edition Jia Jia Herbal Tea with every $3 donation, in support of Autism Resource Centre.

One of the artworks from Autism Resource Centre

Staying true to their vision: “Inspiring Life’s refreshing moments”, be it a drink with your favourite food, immersing yourself in nature, or a gathering with your loved ones, Uncle Jia Jia and his team once again hope to inspire and let people know that herbal tea can be both tasty and healthy. He wants to associate herbal tea with tea-liciocusness food and drinks

Jia Jia Herbal tea with alcohol…who knew?!

We hope to see what Uncle Jia Jia has in store for us in the future - hopefully we get to see another collaboration with milk tea like the ones they did earlier this year with Playmade. Remember to tag Uncle Jia Jia on his Instagram to let him know your thoughts and share with him your experience at #JiaJiaOnTheGo.

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