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Trendspotting: The Singapore hawker hunk

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Images courtesy of Walter Tay

Lyfeportal speaks to Walter Tay to suss out how humble he actually is, and how the Singapore hawker hunk stays on top of the game. Standing at 1.82m, the 34 year old hunk shares how to turn heads and what his ‘SkillsNow’ (lesser known/hidden talents) are.

Images courtesy of Walter Tay

1. How did your ‘hawker hunk’ moniker come about?

The Straits Times featured me in the lifestyle section back in 2019. The title was hunky hawker and social media started using it too.

2. For aspiring male influencers out there, what does it take to be a hunk?

I think most influencers are doing it 'right' already. By sharing their ways to improve lives, with fitness, fashion, etc.

If a person wishes to do better, he/she has to stand out from the saturated market. One must be able to pioneer a niche that the general audience supports. For me, it is being the first fit hawker to be known on social media.

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how attractive do you think you are?

Six. The media knows how to inflate it… haha.

4. Good looks versus talent - if you had to choose, which one would you go for?


5. Relate to us your first ever ‘being stalked’ experience since the hawker hunk became widely recognised on TV and social media.

Not really being stalked but a girl that I did not know personally texted me on FB that her boyfriend didn’t allow her to come to my hawker stall.

6. What is a hidden Walter Tay skill/talent that most people do not know? Tell us more.

No hidden talents eh. I will share what helped me with my hawker venture. I spot trends earlier than the masses.

7. If you could reveal, what trend(s) have you spotted recently?

Hawker, Crypto, NFT…

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