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Vacay Ideas: Nearby Beach Getaway!

“Let’s go to the beach-each. Let’s go get a wave…” -Starships - Nicki Minaj

Photo by @thetalkinglens via Unsplash

Looking to relax and unwind after a demanding year? What better way to do so than having a good time chilling by crystal clear waters and fine white sands? Get your sunscreen and shades ready because here’s a list of hot beach vacation spots you won’t want to miss - Lyfeportal’s writer shares these beach gems.

Photo by @nursyafiqahjohan via Unsplash (Pantai Cenang, Langkawi)

Malaysia - Langkawi, Tioman, Perhentian

Speaking of beaches in Malaysia, surely Langkawi is a place that will come to mind. Pantai Cenang, Tanjung Rhu and Pantai Kok are just a few of the many great options. Pantai Cenang is definitely a popular choice, with its amazing sunset view and vast water activities. If you are looking to relax away from the presence of others, Tanjung Rhu is perfect as it is relatively secluded. Pantai Kok features many beautiful resorts, and the luxurious ones even have private access. Approximately 2km away is Telaga Tujuh Waterfall where you can experience taking a refreshing dip, something not possible in Singapore.

Photo by @louisgan via Unsplash (Tioman Island)

Tioman Island is another hot favourite, known for its beautiful beaches. Divers love Salang Beach for its myriad of diving sites, and it is also popular for snorkelling. If you are looking for more than just a beach vacation, Mukut Beach is for you. A great place for trekking, take a two-hour trek through the jungle to Asah Waterfall or a three-hour trek to the saddle point of the Dragon Horns. Alternatively, Juara Beach also has Ali’s Waterfall and Lubuk Teja Waterfall. There are also many activities available at the beach, including seeing baby turtles hatch and watching the beautiful sunrise.

Perhentian Island

Taken using my iPhone SE in June 2017
(just imagine how beautiful the view actually is)

I had the pleasure of going to Perhentian Island back in June 2017. That was some time ago but I must say I truly enjoyed my time there. The resorts were affordable, clean and amazingly beautiful. It was my first time seeing such clear water which has the magic of making you feel calm and serene just by looking at it. While my impression of the island may not be the most recent, I’m sure it’s still a gorgeous place to visit. I recall going for my first-ever snorkelling experience and it was truly one-of-a-kind. Other activities available include diving, trekking and jumping off a tall lighthouse into the deep blue sea. I would love to visit this scenic haven again.

Photo by @jordanheinrichs via Unsplash

Bonus: Blue Tears Beaches

Seen such luminescent sea pictures before? Surprisingly, these photos aren’t edited. The ‘blue tears’ phenomenon is the result of a chemical reaction called bioluminescence. Many places in Malaysia like Perak, Sarawak and Sabah have these beaches that glow at night. These fascinating sights occur naturally, so plan that next trip to catch them!

Photo by @vitalyscared via Unsplash (Yanui Beach, Phuket)

Thailand - Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui

Phuket is a famous destination for beach vacations. Between Phuket’s Promthep Cape and Windmill Viewpoint is Ya Nui Beach. Being one of the cleanest beaches on the island, Ya Nui is great for snorkelling. Patong Beach is a popular tourist spot with its 3km long white sandy beach lined with many eateries. There is also exciting nightlife for the night owls. Just minutes away from Patong Beach is Freedom Beach with crystal clear waters and way fewer people around. Enjoy lying on the soft white sand, soaking in the sun and wafts of the sea.

Photo by Rachael Annabelle via Unsplash (Krabi Island)

Other than Phuket, Krabi has dream beaches aplenty. Ao Nang Beach is a tourist favourite with scenic views and thrilling nightlife. If you prefer somewhere more peaceful, Railay Beach is located nearby with alluring limestone cliffs perfect for rock climbers. For visitors interested in more chill activities, stop by Diamond Cave for a look inside the massive limestone cliff. A hidden beach nearby is Phra Nang Beach suitable for the adventurous ones as you can rock climb and even cliff jump!

Photo by Tudor Adrian via Unsplash (Koh Samui Island)

If you’ve been to both islands and would like to visit somewhere less crowded, try Koh Samui. Despite being the second largest island in Thailand, it is not as well-known as the other islands. So if you’d like a tranquil haven, this might just be what you’re looking for. Silver Beach may be just 250m long but it has activities like snorkelling and sea kayaking available on the clear waters. A perfect view of the sunset is at Lipa Noi Beach where you can get your Instagram-worthy shots. If you’re looking for something special, Bophut Beach has a Fisherman’s Village which holds night markets every Monday and Friday.

Photo by @ern via Unsplash (Seminyak Beach, Bali)

Indonesia - Bali, Lombok, Pink Beaches

Bali’s famous beaches Kuta Beach, Legian Beach and Seminyak Beach are located within the same vicinity. While they are usually highly populated with tourists, there is a reason why people still choose to go there. Visit these beaches if you’re looking for somewhere lively with plenty of attractions. However, if you’re looking for somewhere more secluded, Sanur Beach and Crystal Bay are likely to be more suitable respites. These places may be harder to get to, but the view and tranquillity are definitely worth the while. If you’re up for a challenge, try trekking to Green Bowl or Nyang Nyang to see a view like no other.

Photo by Tandya Rachmat via Unsplash (Senggigi Beach, Lombok)

If Bali is too overrated for you, Lombok is a great place for a relaxing vacation with immaculate views of nature. A popular choice would be Senggigi Beach which is more developed with many lodging and food options. Within a five-minute drive is Mangsit Beach with fewer crowds, a more chill vibe and something special - sparkling black volcanic sand. If you’re just looking for a perfect view and want to enjoy lying on the sand, go to Tanjung Aan Beach for crystal clear turquoise waters and fine white sand.

Photo by Marcus Woodbridge via Unsplash (Pink Beach, Indonesia)

Last but not the least, pink beaches! Fun fact: Pink sand beaches get their colour from foraminifera (microscopic red organisms) which get washed up on the shore. Indonesia is one of the rare places you can find pink beaches and is surely the nearest to Singapore. While the famous Pantai Merah is located on Komodo Island, it is not the only pink beach Indonesia has to offer. In fact, the pink beach on Padar Island is more colourful and adorns a brighter pink than Komodo Island. Go to Komodo Island for the picturesque view and Padar Island for a prettier pink beach. If time permits, you could also choose to visit both since they’re not far apart.

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