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Valentine’s day tech gifts that won’t break the bank

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

V-day to many ladies might actually be D-day for the gents out there, as many crack their heads over gifts to surprise their significant others. Fret not – here are some tried-and-tested tech gifts to truly impress your loved ones this Valentine’s day!

Jabra Elite 3

Jabra is no stranger for the audiophiles and the athletes out there, coming up with powerful earpieces for one’s active lifestyle. The Jabra Elite 3 comes with active noise isolation to keep all distractions at bay, which is particularly useful if you want your special someone to only pay attention to you during your video calls (or for your WFH needs). 4 built-in microphones also allow for clearer phone calls so you’ll cut down on the “huh” and “say again” with your other half. A total playtime of 28 hours, with a fast charge allowing an hour of usage in just 10 minutes means “my battery low” will never be an excuse to skip FaceTime calls with your honey – yay to being connected even when far apart <3 These babies are going for just $128 on Jabra’s official store on Lazada.

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch

Ever needed more space on your Mac or PC? Ever got stuck on backup of your pictures and videos, or missing out the latest PC game because you've run out space? Time to get an external hard drive. This time, Seagate has brought about a stylish finish to their flagship external hard drives – with a tactile/textile industrial design to complement his or her office bags. No worries whether you’re an Apple fanboy or a hardcore PC user, as this bad boy synchronizes with both OS, with no driver installation needed. It is also USB-C, 3.0 and 2.0 compatible, so get this now to show how compatible you and your special someone are. At the time of writing, this EHD was going for $89 on Seagate’s official store page on Lazada, which is an amazing price for a 1TB EHD.

Baseus charging cables

Our phones are so important to us these days, since we do almost everything on them, even reading this article right now! And because phones without power are just paperweights, power is now more than ever of paramount importance. In comes Baseus with their wide selection of charging cables. From USB-C cables, to lightning cables, Baseus is a renowned brand in the market which offers quality products at amazing prices. Their nylon-braided wires provide high tensile strength which prevents cutting and fraying – perfect if you know the boyboy or girlgirl is a klutz with tech. Coming at a maximum length of 3 metres, Baseus cables are here to provide a great battery life to power that love life. Prices for these cables are all under $10, so be prepared to buy more than just one!

Airbot A500 Slim

For the couples living under one roof - give the gift of convenience this Valentine’s day with a smart cleaner! Airbot’s A500 comes with powerful suction and a mopping function to keep your love nest spick and span. With one simple application, you can set the path the bot takes, time its schedule and choose which places in the house to focus on. All these functions will give you the peace of mind of coming home to a clean place after a long day out. The Airbot A500 is now going for $158.30 on the Airbot Official Store on Lazada, 47% off its original price.

Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard

This one’s perfect for both the guys and the girls out there – a keyboard that totally shouts “ME”. With customizable keycaps and Emoji keys, truly express how you feel in your chat with the boyfie (boyfriends, be prepared). Customizable mechanical keycaps give a satisfying clicky sound when you type – and a perfect tactile feedback gives an unparalleled sensation when typing. Is your special someone getting bored of working from home? Get them these keyboards and add some spark to their WFH experience! Now going for $169 on the Logitech official store on Lazada!

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