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What he could be: Brian Ng aka Dr Shen tells us more

Brian Ng, better known as Dr Shen in the local English drama series ‘Kin’, was a child actor and is no stranger on screen. He shares with Lyfeportal his experience as a ‘first-time almost-everything’ to producing an online drama series. Titled ‘What we could be’, the heartwarming, romantic comedy series will be exclusively launched on Viu in late March before its release online.

1. How would you describe your involvement in this new online drama series?

I started off as the screenplay writer, but along the way I started assisting in other parts of production as well, such as location scouting, art department, casting, and personal assistant on set.

2. Which do you prefer? In front of the camera or behind the scenes? Why?

I think there are pros and cons to both. Behind the scenes probably require more time and physical effort, while in front of the camera the work is mostly emotional. But both roles require preparation pre-production and the utmost attention on shoot days as well. Coming from a actor’s perspective, it was quite fun working behind the scenes on this shoot!

3. How would you measure the success of the drama series?

The simplest way to measure a drama series’ success is probably to track the number of views. But I think that how a show makes its audience feel and what they take away from it, are equally important. If a show is widely watched but forgettable, I personally feel that it probably wasn’t a good show.

4. In 20 words or less, tell us about the series.

This short series explores the tensions of love, longing and regret through the lens of both the living and the dearly departed.

5. Would you say being a film producer is your hidden talent or skill set? If not, what’s a skill unbeknown to many?

I wouldn’t dare say it’s a talent or a skill! There’s a first time for everything, and so I’m just glad I had the opportunity to be a part of this production. Unfortunately I don’t think I’m very talented. Maybe that I can pan-fry a pretty good dumpling?

6. If you could cast any artiste or celeb, who would be your first choice? Tell us three reasons why.

There are so many talented actors! Off the top of my head, an international star I would cast is Emily Blunt; for a local artiste I would cast Jesseca Liu. Both for similar reasons: they are really pretty in a non-intimidating way, they are great actresses who exude sincerity, and because I would love simply being around them on set… haha!

7. Choose one: ability to turn back time or a supernatural power.

Supernatural power of language! I would love to be able to converse with anyone I meet wherever I go!

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