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Where to get flowers this Vday

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Valentine’s Day is literally just a week away, and if you’re the kind of guy that says “nah, I’ll just get it physically on the day itself” - then you’re in for a beating.

Flowers are getting snapped up for this special day, and as the joker says - it’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message. This means that gifting bae the right bouquet for this iconic day has never been more important.

Here are some top picks from us to you, to impress your crush, your significant other, or even mom and dad on this romantic day!

Everlasting Collection

First up on the list is one for the books - great value for truly everlasting flowers at Everlasting Collection! A wide selection of preserved flowers and bouquets carefully handcrafted to suit your customisation needs means that every bouquet comes out truly unique - just like your love for that special someone!

A couple of bouquets that caught our eyes would be the “Be My Princess Ariel” ($48.90) and the “Belle Bouquet” ($48.00). These are all disney-inspired bouquets that are simply perfect to make your princess feel like royalty.

For a classic touch, you may consider going for the “Be Mine Bouquet” ($68.00) that flaunts some brilliant baby pink roses wrapped in a delightful mix of maroon and cream motivs - something to definitely knock the socks off your significant other.

Their website has a jaw-dropping selection of inexpensive arrangements - so drop by and place your orders now!

Floral Garage SG

Floral Garage Singapore has been serving up beautiful and thoughtful floral arrangements for a long time now, and their rating of 4.6/5 with 1061 reviews on Google really shows.

From a simple single stalk rose aptly named “My One and Only” ($19), to a lovely box of baby breaths which make up the “Rainbow Love Box” ($53.10), you can simply do no wrong with these arrangements to impress your special someone.

Our recommendation? Go for gold with the preserved single stalk rose in different colours called “Devoted” - after all, one resident writer here has already made his order (;

Visit their website today at - and order NOW because they only have a limited time early bird discount of up to 20% off till 7th Feb!

You can either pick it up yourself at their office (8 New Industrial Road, LHK 3 Building, #06-01, Singapore 536200 - do call them 15 mins before arriving at 93878871), or through deliver timings that are on a first-come-first serve basis. Go visit them now!

Far East Flora

A familiar name in the floral market is none other than Far East Flora. Due to their experience and brand name, their flowers are priced slightly steeper than that of their competitors, but they are sure to floor you with their incredible arrangements for your special day.

If you’d want your significant other to have something that they can place on their desks to remind them of you even when at work, then the “Baby, You Take My Heart Away” preserved flower box ($85.49) would be the perfect gift as it comes neatly placed in a cylindrical box!

Bouquet loves, you can absolutely spoil your loved ones with an arrangement that looks fit for a wedding! The “Love Me Like You Do” preserved flower bouquet ($138.99) looks incredible and definitely will leave your SO absolutely floored.

Fresh flowers are also available, but you can tell this writer definitely loves preserved ones as they last a longer time (just like our love for our loved ones, right?)

Get your flowers now by visiting their website at! They’re having a special promotion where you can enjoy up to $50 off for Valentine’s Day flowers from now till the 14th of February, so for those last-minute panic buyers out there, they’ve got you covered.

Ferns N Petals

Founded in 1994, Ferns N Petals live by their motto - flowers, anywhere, anytime. A myriad of choices when it comes to gifts await you - from adding a cake, to gifting beer and champagne bottles or even adding a vase in for your gift!

Something really unique with their offerings is that they have an Artificial Roses Red Teddy Bear ($139) that looks incredibly adorable, and would be a perfect decoration for anyone’s room. For the romantics out there, you can neve go wrong with the classic Beautiful Bouquet of 24 red roses ($209) that is bound to amaze even the most picky lovers out there.

For those of you who are willing to spend as much as it takes to really impress, one of their offerings really caught our eyes - 2000 roses for Valentines Day - with a retail price of $13919. That’s right - we didn't mistype there. If this gift doesn’t get you hitched then NOTHING else will. Ferns N Petals, y’all wildin’.

Visit their website today at and place your orders now!

Flower Chimp

Apparently the “Best Rated Florist in Singapore”, with links to Malaysia , Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines and Australia, Flower Chimp is here in Singapore with some great offers this Valentine’s day.

In fact, they prioritise Valentine’s day so much that they ONLY offer products from their V-day collection. For the KPOP fans, rejoice as there is a bouquet of flowers that match the hit song from IZ*ONE - the La Vie En Rose ($79.90) will definitely let your partner see life through rose-coloured glasses as the pink hues of this bouquet really stands out from the perfect cream-coloured wrapping paper around it.

If you really want to show how much your partner stands out, there is even a lovely box entitled “Trinity Box - The Only One” which has a single white rose surrounded by red roses. A symbolic and meaningful gift that is made even more special with a lovely pull-out compartment of chocolates to add that sweet, magical touch to your gift.

There are plenty of other gifts including flowers in glass domes, adorable plushies and massive bouquets that will suit any budget - so go ahead and pick one out for your special someone!

Visit them at and book your flowers before the airwaves get busy!

Plucking flowers - Not recommended and at your own risk

As this writer was writing this article, his friend popped by and gave this amazing idea. To really make the flowers uniquely yours, why not pluck them directly from the botanic gardens or from some forested area here in our beautiful garden city?

If the authorities come for you, it’d just make an amazing story to show your loved ones how much blood, sweat and tears you are willing to shed just to give them a gift to symbolise your love for them. Amazing. 10 points for creativity but 1 point for safety.

Stay safe out there ladies and gents.

These are some of the recommendations that we have for placing your order for the big day coming next week! Do remember that some of these offers end soon, and that there will be an overwhelming amount of orders from panicking lovers as we approach the actual day, so get booking right now!

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