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Wondering where to go thrift shopping? Check out Lyfeportal’s list of thrift shops.

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Thrift shopping is gaining popularity in Singapore, and we start to see more and more thrift shops opening nationwide. We all know the harmful effects of fast fashion on the environment. So, what better way to save the earth (and of course, money) than thrifting? Best of all, you also get to revamp your wardrobe while shopping in a sustainable manner. Other than Carousell being a great platform to buy and sell pre-loved items, if you are someone who prefers shopping in real life and seeing products for yourself, try thrift shopping. Don’t know where to start? Check out our list of thrift stores that are worth a visit!

Lyfeportal visited Arab Street and Lucky Plaza to take a look at some popular thrift shops in the area. Thrift shopping is an activity that requires time and patience, just imagine yourself going on a treasure hunt. If you really search thoroughly, there’s definitely something for everyone. Go in with an open mind and lower your expectations as luck plays a part in thrift shopping too.

If you are looking for vintage apparel, give Arab Street a try. These shops are Billie Eilish certified as the popstar herself came down to these stores when she was in Singapore for her world tour. She apparently bought many bags of ‘thrifted goods’ - we love a sustainable queen! Located within walking distance from one another are Function Five Thrift Shop, RV Colosseum and Flame Vintage Store.

Function Five Thrift Shop & RV Colloseum

If you’re a fashionista that loves styling vintage pieces, this is a great place to check out. We found lots of streetwear-style oversized tees and windbreakers priced between $5 to $25 (they have a pricing guide sorted according to 5 different colours and prices). The 7-eleven windbreakers look pretty trendy and cute. Check out their corduroy pants that even Billie Eilish wanted to get. If you spot a pair of red corduroy pants hanging in the store, yes Billie Eilish was considering the piece before she had to leave as she was recognised by too many people. Grab a pair of similar-looking ones and perhaps you can look as cool as her! They also have a buy 3-free-1 promotion going on - worth it if you are sharing with friends! You can also spot boxes of up-cycling clothing free for all to take, allowing everyone to leave with something even without making a purchase.

Reworked Vintage Colosseum is just at level 2 so in case you can’t find something you like at Function Five, you can go on upstairs to take a look. RV Colosseum has more vintage pieces that may be slightly pricey for some unless you are a huge fan of vintage. Unfortunately, when we were there they were closed. We did spot a few big boxes of $10 pieces outside the store that was from RV Colosseum. Who doesn’t love affordable vintage pieces?

Address: 43 Arab St, Singapore 199742

Level 1 - Function Five Thrift Shop

Check out their Instagram @ffivethriftshop

Level 2 - RV Colloseum

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 12-9 pm

Flame Vintage Store

The Flame Vintage store is a relatively smaller shop but they still have many nice retro pieces. They have a variety of jackets, windbreakers and tees with stylish and trendy designs. Their prices are higher but they offer a slightly different style of clothing compared to Function Five. Both shops are definitely worth a visit if you are looking for vintage clothing.

Address: 67 Haji Ln, Singapore 189260

Opening Hours:

Monday - Thursday 3-9 pm

Friday - Sunday 12-9 pm

Check out some of their vintage clothing on their Instagram @flam3v

We then decided to head down to Lucky Plaza for thrift shops with a different style.

Lucky Plaza Bazaar (LPB)

Looking to get some cheap pre-loved apparel? Lucky Plaza is the place to go. When we got there, it was getting quite late so most stores were unfortunately closed. If you’re looking to have a proper look at all the stores there, we recommend going there for a full-day hunt. Thrifting is a really time-consuming activity if you are looking for unique and stylish pieces. Fortunately, LBP opens till 8.30 pm so we had plenty of time to look around. At LPB, there is a huge range of styles and different types of clothing. They pretty much offer everything ranging from gowns to basic jeans. We noticed that they offer many denim staples that are in decent condition. However, we did not spot any changing rooms which made it quite difficult to tell if the clothing will fit. The prices are very affordable, ranging from $2 onwards and most pieces are around $4 to $6.

Address: 304, 06-14 Orchard Rd, Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863

Opening Hours:

Monday - Sunday 11 am - 8.30pm

Check out their Instagram @lpbthrift and Carousell @lpbthrift (where you can shop from the comfort of your home)

If you are looking for somewhere less crowded to take your time in thrifting, another popular thrift spot is Queensway Shopping Centre. They have known stores like HonsiePonsie, Nightingale Thrift Shop and EXIT Vintage where you can find stylish pieces for everyday wear or vintage pieces for a streetwear look.

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